Robin knows very well what it means to be where you are now. As a first-time mom, she knew she wanted a child but had no idea what kind of “To-Do List” or birthing plan she would have to create. As an A-type personality, she read all the books she could get her hands on, followed them down to the last letter and kept up with all doctor appointments to ensure her child was developing well. By the time she reached the point of packing a hospital bag, exhaustion kicked in and mommy brain was settling in fast. It was literally overwhelming to see all of the different products online and on the shelves making it difficult to choose what worked best for her delivery or after-care. Our Founders’ passion to assist and support other mothers began the first stages of Mocha Mommy & More. 

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Robin is a loving wife to her amazing husband, and they moved to Dallas in 2010 to be closer to family and friends. She began her studies and career in psychology with children but decided to take a step back to start a family. After realizing that her dream of motherhood would take a different path with two separate rounds of IVF, she recognized a passion to support others faced with infertility issues. It was an awakening that would later transform into a purpose to help other women around her who struggled to conceive naturally. Today, she is the proud mother of three to their firstborn son and a set of twins. She calls them her miracle babies and a promise fulfilled by God. 
Mocha Mommy & More is not just a business to her but a ministry to those around her in need. She loves meeting new people who have walked the same path as she has and sharing stories of disappointment as well as success. Founded on five important values – influence, innovation, leadership, passion and purpose, Mocha Mommy & More seeks to offer a brand that consistently strives to understand and capture the needs of women as they transition and fulfill their own dreams of motherhood. 
Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey and a huge piece to the success of a story still being written.  

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.” 

~ Diane Mariechild

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