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Our company was created to provide an informative, trustworthy and dependable resource for you to find everything you need before the birth of your sweet baby. Whether this is your first baby or not, we are here to help make your next steps easier. 


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Our mission is to provide solutions for new and expecting parents to help eliminate the guesswork associated with the sometimes uncertain path to parenthood. 
We strive to provide unique products and beneficial services that help make the transition into parenthood easier and less stressful. 

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“Follow your passion.
It will lead you to your purpose.” 

~ Oprah Winfrey

Labor ready Birthing Bags

When we created our bags, we had you and your needs in mind. From reusable laundry bags to wraps, great care was taken when choosing a range of bags and products that would benefit both mom and baby. We wanted to make every item useful, functional and the perfect size to take to the hospital. Our Labor Ready Bags include all the essentials you’ll need and some luxury items to help make your big day even more special.   

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We love all of our busy, hardworking and dedicated moms. We know you have a million little things on your mind, and Mocha Mommy & More wants to be a part of your support system during this important time. Let us help you finalize an item in your birthing plan that takes one less thing off your list by providing you with our Labor of Love Birthing Bag. It has all of the necessities you’ll need for labor, delivery and after the birth of your child. 

Our Mamas

While you are preparing for your debut, let Mocha Mommy & More prepare for your arrival. We’ve got you covered from head-to-toe with everything you need to make your first days here as comfortable as possible. Mommy and Daddy will find a wide range of attire to dress you in and products to care for your sensitive skin all in a cute reusable bag for your hospital stay. Yes! What’s an arrival without a few needed essentials to welcome you to the world? 

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“I was eased with comfort to know that we were taken care of. The biggest worries that outlined the “what ifs, or am I missing anything, or do I have everything” were handled by the best kept hands, Mocha Mommy.”


“She curated the most amazing hospital bag in anticipation for our little guy’s arrival. Our little guy was born almost 6 weeks early and I had to rush to catch a flight at the last minute to be there for his delivery. Having this bag fully packed and ready to go made the trip seamless.”

-Corey & Tesfa

“The Mocha Mommy bags for both me and my babies were equipped with all of the essentials. I didn’t have to worry about packing a bag for the hospital, because it was already done for me! It’s convenient, high quality and definitely a go-to item when I prepared for delivery. ”


“Robin was so instrumental with not only a detailed list but also pointing out items that aided in making my stay as well as recovery easier. I’m so thankful to have had this wonderful lady to help make my experience not only much easier but also WONDERFUL! Robin was truly heaven sent!”