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Having your first child while geographically separated from your co-parent due to the pandemic during an unpredictable IVF journey is stressful! There are so many books and websites out there that offer advice and it can get overwhelming with all the different products and brands out there. Nothing equates to having personalized attention, kindness, and intuition to guide you through it. Robin was a life-saver to us! She curated the most amazing hospital bag in anticipation for our little guy’s arrival. She had a comprehensive list of items for our little one, his mommy, and daddy that was uniquely tailored to our needs based on her personal experience and her knowledge of us. I couldn’t believe the attention to detail and care she took in guiding me to get all the right things – even some of the more sensitive items for mommy that I wasn’t too familiar with. She carefully explained each item, patiently answered my questions, and knew the pros and cons of each brand like the back of her hand. Our little guy was born almost 6 weeks early and I had to rush to catch a flight at the last minute to be there for his delivery. Having this bag fully packed and ready to go made the trip seamless. Mommy and the nurses were amazed by everything included in it which won this new daddy immediate props for being so prepared and made the new mommy want for nothing during such a special, stressful time in the hospital. Every time new-mommy said “I need this but I didn’t get to the store since the baby came early…” I was literally able to pull it out of the Robin-prepared hospital bag and say, “you mean this?!” It was like she could read our minds and for that we will be forever grateful.

Corey & Tesfa

Mocha Mommy & More was more than a blessing to me on my new adventure to motherhood. Becoming a mother was truly unexpected. In my busy world, I had no idea what was outlined and required to prepare to be a mother or for the birthing process. My only reference was the role of being an aunt and godmother. Even then, they went home at the end of the day. 

I definitely did my due diligence by seeking advice from others and reading books looking for some guidance. 

There was nothing to truly prepare me for the next steps. I was indeed super anxious and consistently focusing on the goals of ensuring I had everything in place at every appointment and for the birthing experience. 

Mocha Mommy was a GOD sent to my prayers. She helped me relieve my stress and gave me assurance that I would have everything I needed for the big day. She said, “JUST TRUST ME. When I tell you, this was the best Mommy OnBoard Gift bag. I was eased with comfort to know that we were taken care of. The biggest worries that outlined the “what ifs, or am I missing anything, or do I have everything” were handled by the best kept hands, Mocha Mommy. With a team of leaders under Mocha Mommy, I was able to trust the process that as you enter into motherhood, WE all need someone to help eliminate the stressors and make our lives better.

A new proud mommy, Michelle (Houston Texas)

Speaking as a second time mommy, I thought I knew exactly what I needed. Robin was so instrumental with not only a detailed list but also pointing out items that aided in making my stay as well as recovery easier. I’m so thankful to have had this wonderful lady to help make my experience not only much easier but also WONDERFUL! Robin was truly heaven sent!


The Mocha Mommy bags for both me and my babies were equipped with all of the essentials. I didn’t have to worry about packing a bag for the hospital, because it was already done for me! It’s convenient, high quality and definitely a go-to item when I prepared for delivery.


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